FAQs about traveling St. Martin Island in Bangladesh

St. Martin island is one of the most beautiful place in Bangladesh. It is the most attractive tourist spot for local and foreign tourists. People want to know many things about traveling St. Martin Island, which is difficult to find. In this post, we try to answer the most frequently asked questions about traveling St. Martin Island.

Going to St. Martin island

Q. How to go to the St. Martin Island?
A. You can go to the St. Martin Island from Dhaka, Chittagong, or Cox’s Bazar. First you have to come to Teknaf. From Teknaf you can ride a Sea Truck, Ship, or Shallow engine boat to St. Martin Island.

Q. From where to ride bus in Dhaka?
A. Buses goes to Teknaf from Saydabad & Fakirapul bus station. There are many bus service to Teknaf – Eagle, Modern Line, S. Alam, Shyamoli, and St. Martin.

Q. Any contact no?

Eagle Bus Service: +88-01713-145584, +88-01190-124127
St. Martin Service: +880-1732-406352, +88-01711-321143

Q. How much is the fare from Dhaka to Teknaf?
A. A/C bus – 1,100 Tk, Non-A/C bus – 560 Tk.

Q. When does the last bast goes from Dhaka?
A. 10.00 pm. Reaches Teknaf about 8.00 am.

Q. Where to get-down at Teknaf?
A. Teknaf Ship Station. You have to tell the bus stuffs before to let you down at the Ship station.

Q. How to go to Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar?
A. Micro buses goes from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. You can reserve one or can ride in person basis. Also can take a bus from Cox’s Bazar bus station. Fare is 80 Tk.

Q. How much is the fare of micro bus to Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar?
A. About 1,500 Tk.

Q. How to go to Teknaf from Chittagong?
A. Buses goes to Teknaf from Chittagong regularly. Fare is about 220 Tk.

Q. How to go to St. Martin from Teknaf?
A. Ships, Sea trucks, and Shallow engine boats goes to St. Martin Island and Teknaf everyday. Among them, sea trucks are the safest and the most comfortable.

Q. How much is the fare in sea trucks?
A. 550 Tk. in the economy class with return ticket.

Q. How long it takes from Teknaf to St. Martin island?
A. About 3 hours.

Q. Which one is the best sea truck?
A. Carie Sindbad. It is the most comfort and the fastest. You can book ticket advance: +88-02-8125881, +88-02-8156296, +88-02-8156297, +88-01817-210427

Q. What is the time table for sea trucks?
A. Sea trucks leaves Teknaf every morning at 9.00 am, and return from St. Martin island in the same day at 3.00 pm.

In the St. Martin island

Q. What transport is available in the island?
A. Only rickshaw van.

Q. How much is the fare for these rickshaw vans?
A. In the pick hour (the time between arriving the ships and leave) they demand 100 Tk+ for a van. But in the off-pick hour, the fare is normally about 20 Tk. per van.

Q. Where to stay in the island?
A. There are many hotel and motel in the island. Some of them are listed here:

Blue Marine:+88-01819-063418, +88-01722-473613, +88-01819-063425
Abakash: +88-02-8358485, +88-02-9342351, +88-02-9359230 (Have to book from Dhaka.)
Pacific Resort: +88-01732-434264 (St. Martin), +88-01712-643694, +88-01720-939090 (Dhaka)
Shoibal: +88-01815-014664
Swapno Probal: +88-01814-274409, +88-01722-545872 (St. Martin), +88-02-861-1428, +88-01711-110919 (Dhaka)
Simana Periye: +88-02-883-5831, +88-01911-121292

Q. Does mobile phone network available in the island?
A. Yes. Grameen Phone and Robi network is available.

Q. How much is the price of coconut?
A. Normally 15-20 Tk. per piece. But in the season, they can demand more.

Q. Is there electricity in the island?
A. Electricity is supplied in the whole island with generators from the evening till 12 am midnight only.

Q. Is there grocery shops or market in the island?
A. Yes. You can find your everyday requirements in the island. But being an island, some things are regularly short.

Q. What about drinking water?
A. Drinking water is available in the island. It is supplied from the underground of the island.

Q. I’ve heard there is scuba diving facilities in the island?
A. Yes. A small company gives the facility of scuba diving during the tourist season. You can contact:

Oceanic Scuba Diving Center
Phone: +88-01711-867991

Q. How much they charge?
A. 2,000 Tk for every hour. Also provide training. 4 days course is 15,000 Tk. every person.

Chhera Dip

A. How to go to the Chhera Dip?
Q. Speed boats and shallow engine boats goes to the Chhera Dip every morning around 8-9 am. Or you can track if you wish.

A. How much is the fare?
Q. Speed boats take about 100 Tk. per person.

A. How long it takes?
Q. About 15-20 minutes in speed boat, and 50 minutes in the shallow engine boats.

A. What about tracking?
Q. Chhera Dip is about 4-5 k.m. from the main island. In the morning, a small way comes out, but it goes down during the tide. So you have to be careful about tide.

Have any other question? Feel free to ask.

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    I will be in BD in November..
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  9. This website is very informative for traveling information on Bangladesh. It has helped me a lot to compile some information on St. Martins island and i would be very greateful to the admin and Mr. Raw Hasan. I will be in touch with him in the future. Many Thanks…

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  11. Hi,
    This is a good informative site to visit to St Martin.

    Is there any cruise service to go to St Martin directly from Coax Bazar (not from Teknaf) ?

    it is heard that some months back one cruise service launched directly from Coax bazar to St Martin. it that service running now?

    i am going to travel tonight.

  12. Thanks a lot for ur info. And i am probably gonna ask the same question already asked. But is it possible to go to saint martins in may/june? I heard march-july is tourist off season.

    • Really thats not the suitable time bcoz in that time Sea is always bad, On the other hand Its the time of kalboisakhi. And yes, thats the tourist off season. Nov-Feb are the tourist season…..

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  15. Great Website you have here…..
    Very Informative….
    I am planning to visit my in laws in Dhaka during Eid Holidays with my family. i.e.: from 18-08-2012 till 08-09-2012.
    Can you kindly advise me if it is a good time to visit Cox Bazar and Saint Martin’s Island during Eid holidays as I have heard that everything in Bangldesh is closed for 10 days and a public holiday is announced from 15-08-2012 till 25-08-2012.
    Thank you,
    Jauhar Nagani.
    Karachi – Pakistan.

    • All the tourist sites are open during this period, and there will be heavy rush on these places because of the holiday. You need to make prior booking to the hotels if you visit Cox’s Bazar or St. Martin island.

      • Dear Raw Hasan,
        Thanks for info. I was really confused earlier.
        Can you please inform me as to what will be the entire approximate expense if I plan to go to Cox Bazar from Dhaka by car and stay for 3 days at Cox Bazar at Hotel Ocean Paradise (3 Rooms).

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    At first take my gratitude n best wishes for this very helpful and informative thread… Now come to business.. I’m planning to go in Saint Martin in this month after 20th.. so i have a few queries…
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    • You can go any time to Cox’s Bazar. It is always full of tourists. So no chance of you being alone there. In that season, there might be heavy rain and wind. But it’s nothing dangerous most of the time. Hotels there are pretty safe. So you don’t have anything to fear.

      Also can check our guided tours if you’d like to visit other places in Bangladesh.

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  21. can I get some contract numbers to book my room in Saint Martin island? How much it will cost to book a normal double bed room of saint martin island?? What about the cost of the ticket of ship to go Saint martin from Teknaf??

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    2. How much it will take time to go from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf?

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  24. There is a building named ‘Laal Bhaban’ on the right hand side of the eastern entrance of Bangabandhu Stadium. Tickets of the Ship LCT Kutubdia & Room reservation for Blue Marine hotel is available there. Even bus tickets of Dhaka to Teknaf service can be purchased.

    Cheers all.

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  30. Hi,
    Lots of important information. Planning to go to saint martin’s island next week. I heard that tourists are not allowed to stay overnight in the island now. Is it true? Sea truck/ferry is in operation in this season now?
    waiting for your reply.

    • This is not true. No problem with the staying overnight in the island. And sea truck is operating all the time. So you are welcome to enjoy the island.

      Happy travel! ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Hello,

    I’ll be working in Dhaka from 15-18 March. I plan to fly to Cox’s Bazaar on Saturday, 19 March, then take a bus to Teknaf, then a ferry to St. Martin’s Island. I have to fly home from Dhaka on Thursday, 24 March. Is this enough time to enjoy St. Martin’s? I’ve heard Blue Marine Hotel is the nicest. Do you agree?

    Thank you!


    • Yes, it is enough time. You can stay 2 nights at the beautiful island and return to Dhaka. 2 nights will be enough for staying at the St. Martin’s Island.

      Simana Periye is the nicest place at the island to stay. Blue Marine could be the second.

  32. Please inform me how much cost it will to visit cheradip from St. Martin by shallow engine boats? When I have to start and when I have to come back that means how long I can stay there?


    • Shallow engine boats could be reserved around 800 tk, or 100 tk. per passenger basis. Boats goes to the Chheradip all days long, but it is better to go there around 8 in the morning or 3 at afternoon because of the sun heat.


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