From home to Rajkandi – in search of Ham Ham (Part-I)

First Part of our adventure story at the Rajkandi reserve forest in Sreemangal.

There always lives a traveler inside me, but never actually went to travel any good place, except a failed tour in Sundarbans and Kuakata long time ago. It brings a thrill inside me when think about trekking in the jungle, and living there in tenth at night.

I was upset for a recent incidence in life. It was setting upon me day by day. To remove it and freshen the mind, was thinking about travelling in the forest. I was thrilled by reading the travel story of Dukhi Manob in blog about trekking and camping in the Rajkandi reserve forest in Srimangal. So decided to go on a one day tour in Rajkandi. But no friend of mine agreed to go with me there in a short time because of having work. So I called a new friend of mine, Liton vai, who lives in the same neighborhood. He agreed instantly about going with me, because he was upset too, I was relieved.

Taking all the necessary preparations, like purchasing three-quarter pant, gamca (towerl), extra camera battery, and plastic sandal with good grip, we started for Saydabad bus station at the night of 29 September, 2011. We were already late. There were no ticket on Hanif and Shyamoli poribahan bus for the night to Sreemangal. A man in the counter offered us to go on a microbus carrying newspaper, we were not much interested. When we were thinking about finishing our adventure and going back, I asked another man in the Hanif counter if he could somehow manage 2 ticket of Sreemangal for us. Surprisingly he told us that 2 tickets are available in the front side, if we were interested! We just wanted to give him a kiss! 🙂

The bus was supposed to leave at 11.30 pm. But it was delayed, and came to the station at 12.00 am, so actually we got the ticket. It started for Sreemangal at 12.30 am. Collected the number of guide Suvro from blog. I called him after getting in the bus, asking him if he could take us to the fall in the morning. He agreed and arranged a CNG for us at 1200 tk.

We arrived in Sreemangal at 4 am. Suvro was waiting for us with bad news. The CNG he contacted was not coming because of problem in the engine, and it was difficult to arrange another car in the morning. He was taking another team to the forest today. I asked him if he could arrange anything for us with that group. He returned after 30 minuites with the good news that the driver of that car agreed to leave us the two seats in the front, but we need to pay the same 1200 tk. We agreed on 800 tk.

After wondering some time in the city, we had our breakfast and took food for afternoon. When the car arrived, there were no space for a single person. When thinking what to do, two CNG arrived. We hired one for 1,000 tk. after much burgain, and started for Kalapara at once. It was the nearest village of the forest, from where we need to start trekking.

Until Kurma the road was well. After that there were no road. CNG goes to Kalapara only when there is no rain. The road becomes too muddy. CNG goes till Kurma only in those time. Need to hire a 4 wheeler to go to Kalapara in that time. We reached the Kalapara at 8 am passing the Champarai tea estate.

Guide Suvro were supposed to join us here, and take us inside the forest with his other group. After waiting 45 minuites, there was no sign of him. We couldn’t contact him because there were no mobile phone network. At last we’d taken a guide from the local people named Mongra. He seemed a very nice guy. At around 8.45 am, we entered the forest behind Mongra.

(To be continued)

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