Best places to purchase alcohol in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a Muslim country. Alcohol is available here but not as widespread as other places around the region. Drinking alcohol is prohibited, and generally not accepted here. But there are some places where it is possible to purchase alcohol for the foreigners.

There is no alcohol store in Bangladesh to freely purchase alcohol. You can purchase only from some government licensed ware houses, some licensed bars, and bars in the 4-5 star hotels and some international clubs. Among them, purchasing from the warehouses is cheap, and bars at hotels are generally expensive.

H Kabir warehouse
This is a duty free shop near the Mohakhali fly over in Dhaka. You can buy spirits and beer here. They normally have Teachers, Lauders, Mackenzie, Passport and Black label. Brands vary depending on what is in stock. Wine and champagne are normally available. Beers like Fosters, Heineken, Carlsberg and the other common ones are available. Beer needs to be bought per box of 24. 1 box of 24 cans is 2,200 Tk.

H. Kabir & Co. Limited
12, Abbas Garden , New Airport Road
Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206, Bangladesh
Tel : +880 2 9881938-9
Fax : +880 2 8826705

STL DUTY Paid Shop
This is a duty paid warehouse recently opened at Gulshan-1. Price is cheaper here, and they have the largest collection. You need to carry your foreign passport while entering the building and no Bangladeshi is allowed inside the premises.

House 25, Road 10,
Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212.
Parvez Ahamed – 01713-041600

Parjatan Shop
Parjatan shop in Dhaka airport is the cheapest duty free shop in Bangladesh. Just before you hit immigration it will be behind you. They take only FOREX (officially). But they are willing to take taka. A bottle of lauders whiskey costs $8. The allowance is two bottles.

Be cautious about purchasing alcohol in the black market. There are many cases reported about poisoning.

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  1. I’m the holder of a Canadian passport non-diplomatic, but the prices at STL were absolutely crazy for a bottle of vodka, 2500tk! Where my friends at the embassy used to provide for me at a mere 1250tk, do any of the places you mentioned allowed the purchase of hard liquor such as Smirnoff or absolute for less than 2500?

  2. Hi,
    Can you please let me know how much does champagne cost in Bangladesh? And also please let me know the price of Absinthe in Bangladesh.
    Thank You.

  3. hey there do you know if the place in road 10 Gulshan still exists? And any idea about prices in comparison to airport… thanks a lot in advance for your advise!

  4. well there are a lot of different range of bars spread all around dhaka….even if u cant buy a bottle….u can go there for drinks…theres ERAM in dhanmondi(which lacks in service quality) then theres dragon piyashi ans challote in banglamotor and mogbazar area theres one in newmarket area which is not quite what u expect from a bar if ur a foreigner …then theres toise that hasan bhai mentioned..

  5. Hi. Do you perhaps know of a warehouse in Sylhet? I’m a foreign national staying in East Bandar Bazar for a few days. Thanks.

  6. Is there any duty fee shop at Cox’s Bbazar or can i get good deal from any bar there? I am a usa passport holder, also would like to know the price update at Mohakhali were houses, is it open on Friday?

  7. Chalet is the best bar now in Dhaka in non-5 star category with classic British pub ambience but it’s 45-50% costly comparing to other economic bars..the extra money doesnt go in the air though…A beautifully run bar with live music in selected days! Also premium whiskies are available on a regular basis unlike many bars/warehouses 🙂

  8. Hi

    Does anyone know how is the cost of a Vodka in the Parjatan Duty free shop in Dhaka Airport, the shop which is just behind the immigration when one is traveling into Dhaka ?
    Thank you.

  9. Hey! There’s a bar at Shukrabad named Hotel Eram International beside Dholphin goli. You can easily buy beer or alca like Smrin off,Whiskey etc. And if u need Red wine or Champagne then go to Samdado near Lab aid hospital, Gulshan. 1 bottle red wine is only 1900/=..

  10. New Price list is up, things are pretty darn expensive on H. Kabir and Co. right now. As far as I can remember, Jonnie Walker Black Label 1 Lit is TK. 5,500.00 and Passport Scotch 40% is TK. 4,000.00.
    I bought myself a crate (24 cans X 330 ml) of Hollandia Beer (12%) for wooping Tk. 4,200.00 & a liter of Smirnoff vodka (40%) for Tk. 3,200.00

    Hope this helps.

  11. Could anyone pls tell about the prices in different shops? E.g. for vodka? And for the airport shop, is it only for the people travelling, or can I go there just to buy alcohol and then just go out with the booze? (I have a foreign passport.) Thx for the info!

  12. hello,,i m 28.i m girl,i want to buy beer,but dnt know frm where i can buy,i heard that girl cant enter to bar alone,pls suggest me how can buy beer

  13. I’m a 17 year old female with a British Passport.
    Do you think it would be okay for me to purchase alcohol from STL or Kabirs Warehouse??

    • Yes Annika, you can show your passport and buy booze from either Kabir’s or STL….. Not a problem for expats….

  14. Raw Hasan bhai, I need alco for Christmas festival, but I’ve no foreign passport. If I want to buy it from Parjatan then who can buy it?

  15. How old do I need to be to buy alcohol from the warehouses? I am 18 and I have an American passport. Is it legal for me to buy alcoholic beverages?

    Thanks in advance

  16. recently one of my brother in law came from india.He is permanent resident in india.He wants to take some alcohol in puja. Is it possible to take out from stl paid shop by showing passport? and if possible then what is the maximum limitation for taking out alcohol product from there? I am a bangladeshi. Could I enter with my brother in law and is it safe. Pls inform me.

  17. bro, could u plz inform me which warehouse has access for Bangladeshi to buy alcohol….i need 2 battle for a private party……..

  18. Hi,
    I always go to the H.Kabir in Mohakhali Fly-Over but actually, I am living just 5 minutes away from STL DUTY Paid Shop.
    Do I need to have a Diplomat Visa or Work Permit to buy alcohol from STL?
    Please advice. Thank you.

  19. bro..H.Kabir needs foreign passport to purchase alco. do u know any other licensed ware house where we can buy beers…vodkas like smirnoff..absolute….without foreign passport??

  20. Is H Kabir a duty free shop?

    Bangladeshis having a valid legal permit from the department of narcotics are allowed to possess 7 units of alcohol at any given time.


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