Where to purchase pet at Bangladesh

The hobby of keeping pet is becoming more and more popular in Bangladesh. In Dhaka, lots of people keep dove in their building roof in wooden boxes. Keeping aquarium in the drawing-room is also become a commonplace. To meet the demand, there established a big market for trading every kind of birds and animals in Kataban at Dhaka. It is very close to New Market and Shahbag area.

You can purchase many kinds of local and foreign birds and animals in this market. Here is an average price range for common birds and animals you can purchase at this market:

    Where   to purchase pet at Bangladesh

  • Love birds: There are different kinds of love-birds at the whole world. 3/4 types of them you’ll find at the Kataban market. A pair of love-bird is sold here for 400-5,000 Tk.
  • Bargarika bird: 300 Tk/pair.
  • Prince bird: 200-400 Tk/pair.
  • Cockatoo: 800-1,600 Tk/pair
  • Myna: 1,500-5,000 Tk/pair
  • Parrot: Different kinds of parrots are sold at 200-1,000 Tk/pair
  • Pigeon: Different kinds of pigeons are available in the market. Price of them very. A pair of Lakha is sold at 2,000 Tk, Siraji – 2,500 Tk, Magfy – 2,500 Tk, and King pegion 8-10,000 Tk.
  • Rabbit: 400 Tk/pairPet market at Dhaka
  • Dogs of many species are available here. Alsesian – 15-16,000 Tk, Spece – 7-10,000 Tk, Dobarman – 20-25,000 Tk, Boxar – 20-25,000 Tk, Labour dog – 10,000 Tk, Lasa – 8-10,000 Tk.
  • Among the expensive dogs, Fointer – 80-120,000 Tk, Gray and Black hound – 40-70,000 Tk, Red roller – 50-70,000 Tk. Expensive dogs are not kept at the shops for display. After you give order, they’ll supply it within 1-2 weeks.
  • Net for birds are also available here. You’ll find them in the price range of 150-3,000 Tk. Also available is every kind of food for your birds and animals.

Wish this will help you finding your pet in Bangladesh. Have you recently purchased anything from the market? Let us know.

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  1. hi can anyone tell me the letest price of birds such as indian ringneck , lutino cockatiels and java sparrow ? And can i get parrots from katabon market?

  2. can you please suggest me a colourful and fluffy big bird please? [with price and where to buy]

    im willing to buy one 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for your post. I found it pretty helpful for predicting pet price.
    Please keep posting more and more…


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