Famous food in Bangladesh | Yogurt of Bogra

History, recipe, types, and places to buy the best quality Yogurt of Bogra, one of the most famous food in Bangladesh.

Yogurt of Bogra is one of the most famous food in Bangladesh. It’s a delicious dairy product, made from cow milk. Yogurt is produced and sold all over the country, but yogurt from Bogra is the best in quality and taste. Yogurt of Bogra is supplied and sold every day to the sweet shops from different parts of the country.

History of yogurt of Bogra

A man named Gouro Gopal Chandra Ghosh was migrated from India to Sherpur area of Bogra, whose profession was producing dairy products. It was his family profession from his ancestors. He started to produce yogurt at Sherpur and sell at Banani area of Bogra walking 20 km from his place everyday, and became popular within short time. He then started a factory at Bogra sponsored by the prime minister of then Pakistan, who was very much impressed by the taste of his yogurt. His yogurt became more and more popular, and he started to send his yogurt in different parts of the country to sell. The yogurt shop “Gouro Gopal Dadhi Ghar” established by him and now running by his son, is still doing it’s business, although having difficulty from the competitors, and is the oldest yogurt shop at Bogra.

How yogurt is made

The milk is first heated to about 80 °C (176 °F) to kill any undesirable bacteria and to denature the milk proteins so that they set together rather than form curds. The milk is then cooled to about 45 °C (112 °F). The bacteria culture is added, and the temperature is maintained for 4 to 7 hours to allow fermentation.

Types of yogurt

Five types of yogurt is available at Bogra:

  1. Sweet Yogurt: Most common among the yogurts.
  2. White Yogurt: Yogurt with no added sugar, good for the patient of diabetes.
  3. Sour Yogurt: Similar to white yogurt, but sour in taste.
  4. Yogurt of Ghole: Produced to make only yogurt drink.
  5. Shahi Yogurt: Yogurt of less added sugar and bright white in color. Best and most delicious among all the yogurts.

Best yogurt shops at Bogra

Now a days, there are about 100 yogurt shops at Bogra, and yogurt of about 3 million taka is sold every day. Shops where good quality yogurt is sold are – Akbaria, Shyamoly, Rafat, Asia Sweetmit, Bogra Doi ghar, Maharam Ali Doi, Chinipata, Doi Bazar, Ruchita Doi Ghar, Misti Mahal, and many more shops. Sherpur Saudia, and Shampa Doi from the birth place of yogurt – Sherpur, is also keeping their good quality. Among them, 5 best shops could be as follows:

  • Asia Sweetmit
  • Bogra Doi Ghar
  • Adi Maharah Ali Doi Ghar
  • Maharah Ali Doi Ghar
  • Gouro Gopal Dodhi Vandar
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