FAQs about traveling Ham Ham Falls in Bangladesh

Find answers of all your frequently asked questions about traveling the beautiful Ham Ham Falls, deep inside the Rajkandi Reserve Forest at Sreemangal in Sylhet.

Q. Where is the fall located?
A. It’s located deep inside the “Rajkandi Reserve Forest” at Sreemangal in Sylhet.

Q. How to go there?
A. First you need to go to the Sreemangal town. From there take a CNG or car to Kolapara. Need to walk 2-3 hours with a guide through the forest to reach the fall.

Q. How to go to Sreemangal?
A. From Saydabad bus station, Hanif and Shyamoli Paribahan go to Sreemangal. It takes about 4 hours, and the fare is 300 tk.

Q. How to go Kolapara?
A. If you have a group of upto 5 people, you can take a CNG which will be cheaper. For a big group, need to take “Chander gari”. Be aware, CNGs do not go to Kolapara because of muddy road when there is heavy rain. Car will be the only option that time.

Q. How much is the cost for CNGs and Cars?
A. You need to bargain. They’ll ask unbelievable price when see tourists. You’ll usually get CNGs for 1,000 tk. and cars for 2,000 tk. This money is for a whole day reservation. They’ll take you to Kolapara in the morning, and wait there to bring you back at Sreemangal.

Q. Where to stay at Sreemangal?
A. If you wish to stay, there are lots of normal hotels at the center of the town.

Q. What about the food?
A. There is no restaurant at Kolapara. You need to have breakfast and take food from Srimangal. Although at the last visit, I say some people selling Biriani at the foot of the falls. You can take a risk if you like about the launch.

Q. Is it possible for taking girls?
A. Be aware that you need to walk 2-3 hours through the forest, hills, and zhiris (way of stone bolts with knee deep flowing water over) to reach the falls, and come back in the same way. So not only girls, even men should not go there unless have that physical and mental strength.

Any other question? Don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll try my best to answer.

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