Lost city – Panam

Panam city was built by the upper-middle class Bengali businessmen, mainly Hindu cloth merchants, in the 19th century. It was built in the once capital of Bangladesh – Sonargaon. This city is now in ruins.

In the last of 19th century, Panam city was built in Sonargaon. That time, business of cotton and other cloths were developed based on the Panam city. That time, Sonargaon got it heritage back a little. In the first part of the 20th century, some rich Hindu businessmen started to live permanently in the city. The still remaining ruins of the buildings were the residence of those businessmen. In those days, no city at the east Bengal was  near as wealthy as Panam.

All the buildings in the city was built facing a single road, which is 5 miter long and 600 miter wide. In the city still remains 52 buildings. The whole city is surrounded with artificial canals. These canals was dug to protect the city from any outside attack. There was only one bridge to enter the city in the west side. Back of every building is a pond. These ponds was used for household works.

After the 1965 war of India-Pakistan, Hindu businessmen started to leave, and the city was deserted. World monument fund listed Panam city in the World 100 ruined city in 2006.

How to go:

From Gulistan bus station at Dhaka, ride the Sonargaon Poribahan bus, and go to Mograpara. From Mograpara, take a rickshaw to the Panam City.

Take an Old Capital Tour with us for a day trip to Sonargaon to visit the museum, Panam City, and Goaldi Mosque.

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