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Few years back, I was in the largest computer fair in Bangladesh, asking the big Internet providers of the country, if they could give me a solution of a portable Internet connection. None of them could, except just one whose technology could give me a device with which I’ll get portability in my room only, which will cost me about $1400. My problem was, I was leaving outside the main city area where getting an Internet connection was impossible for me. I was thinking, may be there was some technology which could provide Internet connection to portable laptops. But I was wrong. Technology was not that advance in the time. Back then, very few lucky people could use dial-up connection who had a land-phone connection in home. Also was available wired broadband connection in the major selected area of Dhaka city only. So using Internet at home was possible for very few lucky people in Bangladesh.

That story changed completely couple of years ago when mobile phone companies started to provide true portable Internet connection with USB modem. Now nearly every educated young people has USB modem in their home. Internet connection is no more a dream. It’s a true reality.

If you come to Bangladesh, you do not need to worry any more about using Internet. Just bring a GPRS/EDGE/CDMEA USB modem, or purchase one from here. Purchase a SIM card from any mobile company, and you can get connected to Internet instantly. Modems usually cost $50-$80. Among the mobile phone companies, Citycell zoom is the best Internet service. Their speed is good comparing to others. But their coverage is only in the major cities. GrameenPhone provides the best coverage in the country. But people have so much objection about their service. Their connection disconnects/connects too much. But still, if you want to use Internet in the rural areas, GrameenPhone is the only solution.

A new company has started named BanglaLion which has started to provide mobile broadband connection in Dhaka and Chittagong. They provide Internet in cheap, and their speed also good. You can get unlimited Internet from them of 256 kbps for less than $10.

Also available is wired broadband connection in almost every area inside the Dhaka city, from which you can get high speed unlimited Internet. Your speed depends on how much you are willing to pay. Sky (your money!) really is the limit!

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  1. The scenario of using internet is totally changed now. There are available wi-max facility which you can get for only $30-$40 (assuming $1=73 BDT). There are also wi-fi facilities in large shopping center & also in famous areas (Like Dhaka University Campus).

    One can use internet by using cell phones. Grameen Phone, Bangla link, Airtel, Robi, CityCell, TeleTalk all are giving portable internet facility with very reasonable price. U can even use your mobile handset as a modem.

    So no need to be worry of using internet now. Feel free to visit Bangladesh.


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