Fine for violating traffic rules in Bangladesh

Here is a list of the fine you need to pay if you violate any traffic rule in Bangladesh. The fine will be double, if you caught by any special traffic police, check post, or police petrol car.

  • 137 – General fine – 200 Tk.
  • 139 – Using hydrolic horn – 100 Tk.
  • 140 – Disobey police order, refusal to cooperate – 500 Tk. (Same as special fine.)
  • 140 – Disobeying red signal – 500 Tk.(Same as special fine.)
  • 142 – Careless driving – 300 Tk.
  • 146 – Accident related fine – 500 Tk.
  • 149 – Driving without safety – 300 Tk.
  • 150 – Black smoke emission – 200 Tk.
  • 151 – Modification of car and sale without permission – 1250 Tk.
  • 152 – Driving without registration, fitness, or route permit – 700 Tk.
  • 154 – Overloading the car – 500 Tk.
  • 155 – Driving without insurance – 500 Tk.
  • 156 – Driving without permission – 500 Tk.
  • 157 – Blocking road or public place – 250 Tk.
  • 158 – Unauthorized touch/use of car – 250 Tk.
  • 000 – Lane violation – 1,000 Tk.

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  1. My licence were taken by police at Kuril flyover.. where can get it back..and appearance date 22 so do I need go on this exactly date

  2. Driving license na thakle kemon fine hoi?garir papers shob ok.tokhn ki gari atkai rakhbe kinba garir papers niye jabe?naki just have pay the driving license fine?

  3. As-salamu alaikum. I have all the doubts about the intention of the police; whether to help people or screw people.
    I was fined tk 750 for over date of insurance papers of my motorcycle. I have read the bill slip and could not find any place, address or means for paying that. The guy refused to receive cash, credit card and debit card also. Mr. Touhidul above said that he was fined 500 for his car’s insurance papers. And I was charged 750 for my bike. Isn’t it funny? Can they do, what ever they want?
    And can anyone tell me the location of any traffic office where the papers are deposited after a case? Or a phone number please. Then from there I hope I will get the address where to go. Thanks.

  4. I have all papers and these are updated. Some days ago a petrol police officer (not from traffic division) wanted to check my papers and I gave . But after giving papers he didn’t see my papers rather he said me to come at Demra Police Station with my car . He told me that he would check my papers by going to BRTA. I asked him where was his case and checking machine. He told me that he had no machine. So he began to qurralle with me.I showed him that my papers are OK and original from BRTA’s website.

    What should I do?
    Can I lodge a complaint against him for public harrsment?
    Does he legal for checking papers if he is not traffic police or sergeant and has no machine of preparing case slip or checking my papers electronically??

  5. I was given a case of 500 tk for driving my car without the Insurance. It was almost 5 moths ago but i paid the fine after given the case. But as they are suppose to courier you the paper, in my case they didn’t. My case was filed in front of the Parliament building and my address was given of my home which is in Bashundhora. So if i look for my paper where should i check ? Some suggested to check in my local Sundorban outlet but if i can’t find it there where should i go ! Thanks.

  6. I use motorcycle fzs. But present time I change my motorcycles plastic body. Now this is look new version that company. But last day one Sargent stop and say why I modifying it. I say my bike engine or chesis every thing is legal. Show my bike papers.but he was fine 1250 taka act 151. I saw 151 act that act only say car modified fine. But this is motorcycle. Is it legal fine? Because I am only Chang my bike plastic body. Plastic body before colour or present colour is same.

  7. I was fined 500 tk for driving in wrong side of the road near gulshan circle-1 on the 28-Dec-2015. The officer seized my Insurance Paper.
    I paid the fine on 30-Dec-2015 through Ucash but till today I have not received my insurance paper through courier as it was supposed to be.
    I have called to the courier but they are asking me to contact DMP. Now where to contact?
    Any suggestions?

  8. A few days ago I was caught by a sergeant while traveling to Shirajgonj. I had all the required papers with me except for the original copy of RC and TT . I showed him the attested copy of RC and TT but he was not satisfied with it and filled a case demanding a fine of not having RC and TT. Later, when I met them with the original copies they demanded a fine of 2500 taka for not keeping the original ones that time….

  9. last day my car’s insurance certificate was seized by a traffic from bijoy sarani and fined me 250tk. He gave me a slip but there is no address where to pay fine and how to collect my insurance certificate. There is appearance date, but where should i appear? So what can i do in this situation?

  10. As salamalikum,
    A traffic surjent fined me 200tk for not having a valid upto date licence. I made the payment but still didnot receive my car documents.

    Can you please tell me what to do now.


  11. Recently 1 st September I was fined (on spot digital charge machine) for not to wear sit belt. Traffic police took my Registration ask me to pay fine by U-cash and they will send my registration by Courier mail by seven days after payment. But i haven’t received it.

  12. Salam vaijan mi sylhet city corporation alakay thaki,
    Ami 1 years aghe akta pulsar bike kine amar name registration korte jobotio formalities puron kori.
    At first Bank e
    Registration- 9218
    Tax- 11500
    Digital registeration –
    Joma korar pore BRT amak aka 9 months er jonno registration acknowledgement slip prodan kore, oikane ullek silo Jodi jachai korar pore amar all documents correct hoy tahole ami akta nirdisro tariker pore fee/tax receipt pabo.
    Otpor ukto tarike ami jugajug korle unara amak akti digital registration card den, je carde tax er kunu bapare ullek kora hoynai, ami baparta jante chaile unara bolen je tax betito kunu biker registration hoyna tai akon theke ei card e apnar jono jotesto,
    Goto kal amake akjon traffic Sargent amak amar biker kagoj dekate bolle ami unake amr oi card prodorshon kori Tate uni challenge koren je amar biker arekti tax document thaka uchit Jodi ami tax diye thaki, uni bolen ami tax deinai, jodio aghe onekbar kunu Sargent ai kota akdino bolenni, tai uni amak 140 dhara diye akti case slip den, ami tax documents er kunu tottho prodan korte na paray,,
    Future e ami kivabe ki korbo ta vebe pacchi na, ami akon ki korbo?
    Please help me,,,,

  13. জরিমানা প্রদানের যে তারিখ উল্লেখ থাকে, তার পূর্বেই কি তা পরিশোধ করে ডকুমেন্ট ফেরত পাওয়া যায়?

    • Yes, you can get that. But now they changed the system. Go to bank and deposit the fine amount. Your documents will be sent to you by courier. Thanks!

      • Could you please mention the names of the banks for depositing the fine amount especially who are residing at Dhanmondi & Green Road area ?

  14. I bought a motorcycle and later I found that there is a case issued on Oct 20. The seller says he doesn’t know anything about it. There is no case slip. I know case number and fine amount (137 general fine) through e-traffic. Can i just pay the fine through UCASH? Will it be resolved. Or do i have to have the case slip. What do i do if i don’t have the case slip. How can I resolve it?

  15. I have been fined 500tk for driving without insurance. How do I pay the fine? and how can I get back my seized document(R/C). Please help needed

  16. Well I got a fine of riding with three person.When i went to submit my caseslip the person who collects the case slips told me you will have to pay 700 where there is no law where 700 is written on the new penalty rule. I got the case of 137-general fine. why is it like this, I had to bargain and still they said this you have to pay 700.What the hell.

    • 137 Is written generally, which is get reviewed when you go to settle the fine. If they see your violence is punishable by different other sections, you’ll be fined accordingly.

  17. i have caught by sergent for english number plates on my bikes
    … what ammount they will be charge for that…

  18. bhai tax,fitness, insurance and driving license er jonno total kota taka fine ashbe kindly janan. Extra charge ki korbe?

  19. আমি X NOAH 2002 গাড়ির ইউজার। আমার একটি সমস্যার কথা খুব সংক্ষেপে share করলাম ।
    ০৬।১২।২০১৩ জুমার আগে আমি আমার গাড়িটি নিয়ে বের হই । এক Trafic Police আমাকে সিগন্যাল দেয় আমি দাঁড়ালে গাড়ির কাগজ পত্র চাইলে তা দেখাই এবং বলি তারাতারি দেখেন আমার কাজ আছে। (NB: My all documents are up to date & have not a singel problem) পরক্ষনে সে বলে উঠে
    “গাড়িটি রিকজিসন এর জন্য লাগবে। গাড়ি ত আমরা রেখে দিবে”
    আমি বেপারটি প্রথমে বুজতে না পারায় আমাকে বলে “কাল অবরোধ, আপনার গাড়িটি ৬-৭ জন পুলিশ মিলে টহল এর কাজে আমরা ব্যাবহার করব।” আমি বল্লাম গাড়ি দেয়া জাবেনা আমার অনেক কাজ আছে। উনি বললেন “যেহেতু সরকারি কাজ গাড়িত আপনাকে দিতে হবে, আপনি কাজ সেরে আসেন” একপর্যায়ে আমি উনার সাথে তর্কে জরিয়ে পরি পরে উনি all document with license নিয়ে আবার ওঁই রাস্তার মোড়ে ফিরে জায়।

    আমার গাড়িটি আমি ওদের আর দেইনি কিন্তু আমার সব কাগজ পত্র ওঁই Trafic Police এর কাছে।

    আশা করে আমাকে সাজেসান দিয়ে হেল্প করবেন । কি ভাবে document গুলো পেতে পারি ?

    • Find out under which traffic office is the spot where the Traffic Police took your papers. Go to that traffic office. You’ll get your papers back, but there could be a fine for violating order of police. Can you remember the name of the police constable/officer who took your paper?

      • An warrent is issued to my motorcycle now what can i do for this to take my paper. Nb i got two cases about a year ago for one bike. if i have to pay fine for warrent can i have to pay warent fine twice? please answer me as soon as possible…

  20. Recently my car document was confiscated from the driver by traffic police for using black paper in window-glasses without permission. I had no idea about getting approval for fixing it. May I know where to apply for such permission and is there any charges involved?

    • They give permission for installing black papers at the glass only to the VIP’s cars. You can contact BRTA office at Mirpur for this.

      The best thing you can do is removing them completely. Otherwise, if you use it without permission, your car will be frequently stopped on the road, and you’ll be fined 1,250 tk (151) every time (unless you can manage the police officer!).


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