Celebrating the Eid-festival in Bangladesh

Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-adha are the main festival in Bangladesh. These are the happiest time of the year for every people in Bangladesh. For a week, offices and schools remains closed during the festival.

Preparation of Eid starts long before the Eid. People go shopping for Eid dress. For men, Punjabi is the special dress for Eid. For women – Shari, and Salwar-Kamiz. During Eid shopping, people purchase for themselves, and for family members and relatives as much as possible. Giving Eid present is a long tradition of Bangladesh.

Before 2-3 days of the Eid, people start to leave the cities for their home-towns and villages. Everyone return home and gather for the festival. Quiet remote villages become crowded. Everyone goes to meet each-other in the village.

Eid day starts in the very morning by men’s and kid’s taking shower and getting ready wearing new Punjabi, and go to the Eid-gah (a special place to do eid prayer). Eid prayer lasts for at least one hour. After the prayer, everyone hugs each-other. This is the most sweetest moment of the eid. This hugging going on the whole day when meet someone new. Children purchase balloon and other toys from eid-gah.

Returning home everyone eats eid special Semai. Many kinds of Semai is prepared in the eid day. With that, some other special sweet foods – payes, firni, khir. For afternoon and evening, khichuri is the main special food during eid.

From the evening, people start to go outside. In village, everyone goes each-others houses. There they eat and gossip. In the city, during the eid days are the most quiet time of the year. No traffic jam at all. This is a really nice time to walk in the roads. People goes out to the parks with kids, specially Sisu park and Fantasy park. This is continues for the 2-3 days of the eid. After that, people start to return, and continue their usual life until another eid.

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